Africa remains one of the continents with the highest population of young people in the world, with over 65% of its population within the ages of 15 – 29.

This presents a large pool of human resources, essential for growth of its economy and industrialization of the continent. Unfortunately, these youth are faced with a number of social and economic problems, ranging from poverty, unemployment, access to quality education and socio-political exclusion.

The future of Africa depends on its ability to provide social intervention programmes that will equip and engage these youth through capacity-building, entrepreneurial development and social inclusion programmes that are technology-driven and growth-oriented. Equip Africa is playing an active role in providing these solutions through its community-based youth development initiatives, targeted at bridging the capacity and skills gap that exist in young people living in underserved communities, hence circumventing the possibility of youth restiveness that could lead to socio-economic instability.